Education at Invision Sally Jobe

The InteleViewer is a application that allows clinicians to quickly retrieve and view images/reports

Invision Sally Jobe is committed to education - our own, our patients, and the education of current and future health care providers.

Our radiologists and technologists maintain memberships in various societies and continue to refine their skills. Many have received national recognition for their publication of peer-reviewed articles and text books and for other contributions in their specialties. They share their experience and knowledge by offering and participating in courses and workshops in the Denver, Colorado community and beyond.

Mammography Training Program

The Invision Sally Jobe Mammography Training Program offers a personalized approach to a comprehensive curriculum Whether you need initial training, recertification, or supplemental assistance in filling your registry requirements, our program options will allow you to choose the path that is right for you. You will work with internationally renowned breast imagers and staff who will share their knowledge in a one-on-one setting.

Learn more about our mammography training program.