InteleViewer Program

The InteleViewer is a application that allows clinicians to quickly retrieve and view images/reports

Images and reports that have been interpreted by Radiology Imaging Associates (RIA) radiologists are viewed through the InteleViewer. The InteleViewer is a web-based teleradiology application that allows clinicians and other clinical staff to quickly retrieve and view images/reports from our image archive server.

User Accounts

Every physician who utilizes RIA and Invision Sally Jobe's sub-specialized radiology interpretation services will be issued a valid InteleViewer user account. By assigning each physician a user account and unique identification number we ensure that only authorized users may view exams and reports. All authorized users may view all images and reports; however, RIA and all physicians must abide by the HIPAA guidelines. We entrust each physician to only view his/her patients’ images and reports. RIA regularly monitors each InteleViewer User Account to ensure the HIPAA guidelines are followed by all.

Enroll in the InteleViewer Program

If you are, or work for, a referring physician and would like to enroll in the InteleViewer program and you use a Windows based computer, please click on the InteleViewer Login link to the left. If you receive a security message, click the "Yes" button. Then click the "Create New Account" link at the top of the page. You will hear back from our Marketing department regarding your request.

If you would like to enroll in the InteleViewer program and you use a Macintosh computer, please download InteleViewer for Macintosh. You will need to contact your Marketing Account Representative to have an account created for you or, if you already have an account, to have the Mac privilege added to it. If you don't know who your Marketing Account Representative is, please email

InteleViewer Issues

If you are a current InteleViewer user and you forgot your password or are experiencing problems, please contact the RIA and Invision Sally Jobe Information Technology ServiceDesk at or 720-493-3599.

InteleViewer Features

Once logged into the InteleViewer web site, the user may search for the desired patient. After highlighting the exam of interest from the search results listing, a simple click of a button launches the InteleViewer and begins downloading images. The InteleViewer's user-friendly interface allows for easy viewing and manipulation of images.

The InteleViewer contains a comprehensive set of tools to make it easy and efficient to view your images. The tools include:

  • Stacking Mode
  • Window/Level
  • Pan
  • Rotate & Flip
  • Zoom
  • Measurement
  • Reference Lines
  • 3D Cursor
  • Toggle Overlay
  • Series/Image Layout
  • Image Scroller
  • Cine Loop
  • Export as JPEG
  • Export PDF reports
  • Inverting Image Color Maps
  • View color images in a secondary window
  • Reverse sorting of Images

In addition, the InteleViewer provides configurable User Preferences (on a per machine, per Windows-user basis) to allow individuals to set and save their own modality and interface preferences.

You may also opt to receive exam results on a mobile device through the InteleConnect portal.