Referring Physicians

We work closely with referring physicians to provide our patients with compassionate, quality care

In our continuing search for improved imaging techniques, we never lose sight of what is most important today: ensuring that our referring physicians and our mutual patients are provided with highly skilled, geographically convenient diagnostic services in a well-managed environment.

We work closely with referring physicians to formulate the best avenues for patient diagnosis, management and ongoing care and are always available for consultation.

Helpful Tools

We have tools and information available on our web site to help you and your patient best prepare for an imaging exam at Invision Sally Jobe. In the Referring Physicians section, you will find requisition forms and access to our well-received Online Referral Form application.

For patients, we offer detailed information on our exams. Patients can read about what to expect before, during, and after their exam. They can also download exam preparation instructions and patient forms.

Compassionate Staff and Convenient Locations

Invision Sally Jobe has 13 convenient imaging centers throughout the Denver Metro area. We have ten Invision Sally Jobe breast centers and eight facilities for general radiography. By choosing Invision Sally Jobe, you are ensuring that your patients will get their exams done in a customer service oriented environment by experienced, compassionate technologists and radiologists.

Cutting Edge Imaging Equipment and Radiology Procedures

Invision Sally Jobe prides itself on maintaining the equipment and infrastructure necessary to consistently provide high quality images, accurate diagnoses, responsive 24x7 service, and convenience.

Invision Sally Jobe provides state-of-the-art equipment and services, including 7 high-field MRI’s, (one of which is an open MRI), 7 CT's, ultrasound, pain management, digital mammography, 3D mammography, and diagnostic x-ray. We are constantly evaluating new technologies that can improve our patient care.

Our radiologists are leaders in performing newer, cutting edge procedures that may aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions. We also participate in clinical trials which enable us to provide patients with the most promising exams and treatments currently available.

Access to Images and Reports

InteleViewer is the program used by Invision Sally Jobe for exam images and reports. This application allows us to provide physicians with secure access to images and reports via the internet, right in their own offices within minutes of the exam being completed. Learn more about this program in the InteleViewer section of our web site or contact your marketing representative for more information.