Coronary CTA Course Testimonials

Our Coronary CTA Course participants give us rave reviews. Here are some testimonials from past participants:

In the 40 plus years since medical school there have been few courses that have been equal and none better. Keep up the good work.
J. Phalen, Program Director, Creighton University

I've been to three courses, this by far the best... The information is presented in a clear format and there is excellent staffing for individual workstation help.
S. Arnold, Elm Grove, WI

Excellent course with far better content and workstation time when compared to other courses I have attended. The online teaching module is a great review source and has monthly updated cases.
W. Harrison, Omaha, NE

Excellent course in every way! Hands-on workstation experience, excellent integration of imaging and clinical, well organized, good balance of didactal and hands-on practice with real cases. Would strongly recommend this course to anyone learning coronary CTA. I will return for future courses. A tough act to follow or to suggestion improvements for.
T. Cubberley, Houston, TX

This was a superb course. It was concise, organized and presented in an excellent manner. The information provided was beyond what I expected which included anatomy, normal variants, protocols and post-processing information. Multiple cases provided with pathology on various workstations which you choose upon arrival. In addition, web access and case of the month completes this awesome course for a fraction of what other courses charge. I will attend this course again in the near future. It is well worth it and then some.
J. Smith, Thomasville, GA

The coronary CTA course was excellent use of my time.....a lot of valuable information on mechanics of CTA acquistion, interpretation and pathophysiology. Facility was comfortable, and support staff was extremely helpful prior to, and during the course.
S. Ruhs, West Des Moines, IA

This is the best training course that I have attended. Review of anatomy and the normal variants is complete. Templates are provided for reporting. Evaluation and pitfalls are reviewed.
S. Strickler, Pocatello, ID

Outstanding course - best organization, materials and comprehensive course I have attended. Should be a model for other imaging courses.
L.J., Ypsilanti, MI

This is a must-have course for the person who wishes to interpret coronary CTA. Independent of manufacture "bias" this course tells all, tells it like it is and does so in an efficient use of time. Take this course. 
B. K.,Casper, WY

Without a doubt the best CME course I have attended.
V. C., Victoria, TX

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