Travel Information

Following is information on the Coronary CTA Course facility, lodging, travel, and Denver recreation.

Course Location

The course is held at Radiology Imaging Associates' corporate office.

10700 E Geddes Ave Ste 200
Englewood Colorado 80112


We recommend that you reserve a room at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center, which is in the Denver Tech Center and very close to the course location.

Visit the Inverness Hotel website for additional information.


The Denver International Airport (DIA) is located approximately 34 miles from The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center.

Car Rentals

There are numerous car rental options from DIA. View a list of car rental companies along with phone numbers, website addresses, and hours of operation.

Directions from Airport to The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center

Following are directions from DIA to The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center. Note that this route has tolls. The trip is approximately 34 miles and will take about 35 minutes.

  1. Exit the airport and go West on Pena Blvd (4.6 miles).
  2. Take the E-470 S / E-470 TOLLWAY S exit- EXIT 6A- toward I-70 (1.1 miles).
  3. Merge onto E 470 S (Portions toll) (26.4 miles).
  4. Take the JAMAICA STREET exit- EXIT 1B (0.4 miles).
  5. Turn RIGHT onto S JAMAICA ST (0.2 miles).
  6. Turn RIGHT onto INVERNESS PKWY (0.6 miles).
  7. Turn RIGHT onto INVERNESS DR W (0.1 miles).

View maps:

Commuter Shuttles & Taxis

There are commuter shuttles that will take you between the airport and The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center. The cost is approximately $20 each way. View a list of shuttle companies along with phone numbers, email addresses, and website addresses.

You may also view a list of taxi options. Taxi fare is approximately $60 each way.

Please note that there is no shuttle service between The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center and the course location.

Denver Recreation

There are plenty of dining and recreation options in the Denver Technological Center (DTC).

Downtown Denver, which is approximately 18 miles from DTC, is a great option for enjoying the Denver ambience. Downtown Denver offers many dining options, from casual pubs to upscale restaurants. You can also enjoy live music and shopping on the 16th Street Mall.

If you want to experience outdoor Colorado, the beautiful Rocky Mountains offer an array of outdoor recreational activities.

Visit the following sites for more information on entertainment options in Denver and the Rocky Mountains.

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