Radiology Imaging Associates Radiologists

RIA interventional radiologists are highly specialized in the performance of image guided procedures

Each Radiology Imaging Associates (RIA) radiologist is board certified and specialized in the interpretation of radiology studies and/or the performance of image guided procedures. Many have had fellowships in a radiology specialty, allowing them to develop considerable expertise in their chosen field and earn additional certification.

Our radiologists maintain memberships in various societies to continue refining their skills. Many have received national recognition for their publication of peer-reviewed articles and text books and for other contributions in their specialties.

Importance of Specialties

Many RIA radiologists focus on a specialty, which enables them to identify problems more efficiently and accurately.

By focusing on a specialty, many RIA radiologists have gained valuable experience and expertise in a specific area of radiology. This focus enables them to take a "narrow and deep" approach with their skills, which in turn enables them to identify problems, or a lack of them, more efficiently and accurately.

RIA has created a cohesive team of highly specialized individuals who can confer with each other to share their numerous collective years of experience. This ensures that your exams will be read with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Our Specialties

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